2 October 2011

This tiny globe means pretty much for me. One of my biggest dreams is to travel around the world. Another of my biggest dreams is to learn the more foreign languages the possible. Well, I should admit - learning languages is pretty hard for me but I'm trying and I'm learning little by little. So one day I was looking through online shops, suddenly I saw this globe and I thought: "Oh my, I want this!" This lovely thing is a kind of symbol or even a kind of talisman.


  1. I absolutely understand what does it means to you, I have also one talisman and it means world to me!
    Yours is also very nice!

  2. I feel exaclty the same way! travelling is a wonderful way to get to know people, cultures, habits, I could do that every day of my life and not get bored!

    p.s. yes, the watch in my latest post is michael kors.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! ; )

    Awww the necklace is so beautiful and I love wearing something that has a meaning! So adorable! : )

    Would you mind following us? We'll sure follow back!

  4. I absolutely love you for mentioning this- I too feel the exact same way when it comes to travel- if I had to choose buying a place or using that money to travel all over the world- I would take the latter. Saw Midnight in Paris when it first came out and it instantly shot to my top ten favorite films.
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!