1 January 2012

Happy New Year!
I wish happiness to you and your families and I hope all your dreams will come true ☆

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  1. Sorry to leave comments from your comments on my blog on your blog but I cant reply on mine!! I am so thick when it comes to PCs. Argh.. yeah the chanel one is good, good point maybe if you just use one layer/sweep of mascara it will be less sticky. I do like to pile it on!! LOl! Brownish shades are definitely better for daytime, maybe my next mascara purchade should be brown seen as i,ve too many black. I still havent seen the rimmel sexy curves full fugure, thats odd how it wasnt on official website??!! aww can you not get the links adjusted for a new watch, yeah I am wondering now about whether buying the rose gold fossil watch was such a good idea now as that colour may go out of fashion soon, (oh well, I like it :))