23 May 2011

The spring sun left, the summer sun is coming. Warm weather is a nice weather, but I don't like when it's too warm :) Today I felt a little dizziness on my way to the university. So I'm going to buy a floppy hat. Well, I'm going to buy one anyway. I love hats and they love me back :)

Since the previous post my hair colour has changed. It became more golden brown (but I'm not sure if the picture below shows it well). My usual hair colour, basically.

By the way, this skirt is one of my favourites. When I don't what to wear I choose this one :)


  1. оооо!!
    мне так нравится сочетание желтой рубашки и юбки)))


  2. у меня не получается стать твоим читателем почему-то(

  3. Спасибо) Мне тоже оно очень-очень нравится, хотя изначально случайно вышло))

    У меня в дизайне верхней панели нет, нужно через главную панель управления добавлять(

  4. Your hair colour is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the red and mustard, this outfit is so lovely.